Boundary Security Analysis, Planning, and Design

Today’s boundary security requires precise and reliable planning, and accurate calculations with the flexibility to test against both foreseeable circumstances and the unexpected. You need the ability to easily make changes for future requirements and projects based on science and math, not outdated methods or intuition. This requires the world's most advanced planning system backed by a global team of unsurpassed security and planning knowledge - SecurSoft from BSEC.

Now security planning can be accomplished cost effectively using the professional services of BSEC and its proprietary SecurSoft System, using CRITERRA technology. SecurSoft offers automated optimal security and communications planning that assists you in building out your security designs. SecurSoft provides precise calculations and the necessary tools to develop an end solution that can be counted upon to work when it becomes operational. SecurSoft eliminates the guesswork, reduces risk, and significantly shortens planning time by optimizing your installation plans. Your boundary security solutions will meet your operational requirements. SecurSoft lets you view how effective your security plan is before deployment.



Border Security

Controlling national borders is fundamental, yet managing a border often poses dynamic and complicated security dilemmas. The questions begin with how do to you control what you cannot see?


Airport Security

Securing an Airport can be a staggering, never ending job. The best way to protect an Airport is to deploy layered security. Implementing layered security means security plans must be developed well in advance of implementation.


Seaport Security

Seaports are the gateway to national economies. Security must be maintained without delaying vital daily commerce. This challenge includes the secure movement of thousands of vehicles, personnel and passengers or the safe handling of cruise and cargo container ships, bulk supply ships and potentially hazardous Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transports.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Security

The almost unquenchable demand for oil and gas has made security of the production field and facilities a top security priority. Production, refining and handling facilities are spread out across vast areas and often cross borders or are included in seaports, airports and urban areas in just about any kind of terrain.

Command and Control - Common Operating picture

Command and Control - Common Operating Picture

When an emergency occurs remember to have a "Plan C". Our advanced technology can be integrated in the control room’s common operating picture (COP) in two modalities, standalone and integrated.